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Balza rooftop bar-restaurant, Nicosia. Cyprus

Balza Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Nicosia Cyprus -

We are delighted to share ‘Bálza’, the new rooftop bar/restaurant that has just opened in the heart of Nicosia.

Posted 1st July 2023.

Balza Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Nicosia Cyprus -

On a late-night walk around the city, the team from Share Cyprus found themselves in Eleftheria Square and noticed what looked to be a private party in a penthouse apartment on the top floor of the CDA college building.

Since we love discovering new places, we investigated further and discovered some subtle signage for “Bálza”.

We wandered inside, found a lift, and on arrival to the 7th floor, our reaction was “WOW!”

Our arrival was just after midnight, so we’re not sure what the “usual” system is, but we were delighted not to be greeted by some big burley doorman, making us “beg” to be let in. That said, judging by the popularity of Balza, it’s probably best to make a reservation (see below for full contact details).

As soon as we walked in, the atmosphere was just fantastic.

The DJ played excellent music, and the sound level was perfect. Loud enough to create an atmosphere but not so loud that quests couldn’t chat away without shouting at one another. 

The only minor negative was that the bar service was a little slow, but at the time of our visit, the place was only six days old and still finding its feet, and the good news is that it was worth the wait because the ordered cocktails were fantastic. 

Frankly, with such great views and atmosphere, we didn’t care!

Balza Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Nicosia Cyprus -

Due to our very late arrival, we didn’t get a chance to sample any food, and clearly, we didn’t get to spend a whole evening at Balza, but we are keen to share our first experience with you, and we will go back soon to discover more and update this post with additional details.

Balza Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Nicosia Cyprus -

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Balza Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in Nicosia Cyprus -

Contact Balza rooftop bar/restaurant Nicosia

+357 22 253 232

According to Balza’s social media pages, they are open from 6pm – 1am seven nights a week and accept reservations by telephone between 11am and 8pm. 

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