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Marathon Weekend...

Marathon Weekend 2024

The Limassol Marathon is the largest mass participation event in Cyprus.

This year, the event attracted over 17,000 participants. 

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Limassol is the sexiest city in Cyprus with nighlife to match!

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More about Limassol, Cyprus

Here’s some more information about Limassol.

The city is situated on the southern coast of Cyprus and is known for its rich history, stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and bustling port. It’s a significant economic and cultural hub on the island.

Historical Significance:

Although Limassol is one of the most modern cities in Cyprus, it also boasts a long history, with key historical sites like Limassol Castle and the ancient Kourion archaeological site that showcase its heritage.


Because Limassol is situated on the coast, this means that directly in front of the modern skyscrapers, you’ll also see beautiful sandy beaches, attracting sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts (some of the most well-known are Dasoudi Beach and Lady’s Mile Beach).

Cultural Attractions:

As a progressive city, Limassol also hosts numerous cultural events and festivals. In addition, it’s home to the largest Carnival in Cyprus.

Economic Hub:

The bustling Limassol port is vital to the Cypriot economy, serving as a major centre for trade and commerce.


When the sun goes down, Limassol offers a vibrant nightlife with popular spots like Saripolou Square and the Old Town, brimming with bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Also, since 2013, Limassol has been home to Europe’s Largest Casino and Resort. It’s called the City Of Dreams and you can read more about this by clicking here.


Outside of the city, in the region of Limassol (it’s a city and a region in Cyprus), you’ll find some of the best and most famous Cypriot vineyards and winemakers. Notable Limassol wineries include Keo, Erimoud, and Zambartas Wineries, where you can savour local wines.

Visit the lively Marina and Old Port:

The Old Port and Marina in Limassol are next to one another. Regardless of the names, both are modern and feature luxury apartments, shops, and waterfront dining providing a picturesque and upscale place to relax.


Just like everywhere else here in Cyprus, Limassol is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent destination for travellers seeking a taste of Cypriot culture and hospitality.


Summing up, the wonderful blend of history, culture, natural beauty, modern buildings and attractions makes Limassol a captivating destination for tourists and residents.

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