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Cyprus 2024 – Helpful information about holidays in Cyprus

  • Welcome to helpful information about visiting Cyprus in 2024 from Share Cyprus, created by people who live and work in Cyprus all year round. 

  • Share Cyprus is neither a travel agent nor affiliated with any Governmental promotional department which means we are here simply to share the best people and places in Cyprus.

  • We do that by providing helpful, accurate and up-to-date information on our website, social media channels and YouTube!

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On this page are useful links to features and up-to-date videos about what to expect from a holiday in Cyprus in 2024; however, we are real people, so if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them or even have a chat with you. 

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Holidays in Cyprus - Helpful features and Videos

A playlist of helpful videos filmed in Cyprus featuring the most popular places for holidays in 2024.

Cyprus 24 - Major Events

The best hotels in Cyprus 2024

Discover the best hotels in Cyprus 2024 with Share Cyprus and – the world’s biggest and most trusted hotel bookings website*

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