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NYX Hotel Limassol Review

  • NYX Hotel is a popular 4-star property in Limassol, Cyprus.

  • This hotel is consistently rated as one of the best hotels in Limassol. 

  • We carried out a “Secret Stay” to create this helpful and independent review (plus video) to help you decide if the NYX is the right choice for you!.

What is a Share Cyprus "Secret Stay"?

About our “Secret Stay” at the NYX Hotel Limassol, Cyprus.

Just so you know, when we undertake a “Share Cyprus Secret Stay”, the owner(s) do not know we are visiting.

We pay the going rate for our stay and book in a personal name (not as Share Cyprus).

As a result, our videos, photos and reviews are 100% independent and unbiased. 

Click on the picture below to watch our video!

NYX Hotel Limassol, Cyprus - Video Tour by Share Cyprus

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About NYX Hotels

The NYX Hotel in Limassol - drone photo by Share Cyprus

According to the NYX worldwide website (pronounced “Nicks”), they offer “Chic lifestyle Hotels”.

NYX hotels are located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Milan, Prague, Madrid, Munich, Tel Aviv, London, and other cities. 

At the time of writing, the only NYX hotel in Cyprus is the hotel reviewed here. However, a second is planned for Nicosia in the future.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s delve into a comprehensive review of the NYX Hotel Limassol to ensure you’re well-informed before making your travel decisions.

Helpful information about our "Secret Stay"

NYX Limassol - Bed

Star Rating, dates and prices

  • Hotel Rating: 4 Stars
  • Booking Date: 16th of January 2024
  • Date of stay: 12th-14th April 2024 (Two nights on the same weekend as the Limassol Marathon)
  • Room Type: Design Double Star Front Sea View – 2 adults inc. Breakfast.
  • Price Paid: €462.60 (€231.30 per night), including all charges/VAT.

Our Room

A picture of the room stayed in by Share Cyprus at NYX during our Secret Say

We booked a “Design Double Star Front Sea View Room” (the picture above was taken as soon as we entered the room).

The booking was made far in advance because we needed to be in Limassol to film the Limassol Marathon (the biggest mass participation event in Cyprus – see the video by clicking here).

The first good news is that our room looked exactly as it did on the booking website we used to make our reservation. 

As shown in our video and photos, it was modern, sleek, and clean.

Little extras make a big difference…

Tea and coffee-making facilities at the NYX Hotel Limassol.

The room comes with a large bottle of water (complimentary) and some small snacks, which, if you pardon the pun, is refreshing since many hotels don’t do this anymore.

The room also has a kettle, a Nespresso Machine, complimentary tea/coffee, an electronic safe.

There isn’t a mini bar in this room, but shops just outside the hotel sell drinks, snacks, wine, etc., and the room is equipped with a small fridge to store such items. 

Thankfully, there is also an iron and ironing board, immediately removing the painful process of calling a hotel reception and waiting for these items to be delivered to you.

Finally, in regards to the main room, in the wardrobe, you’ll find dressing gowns and slippers, and just so you know, we took our slippers with us when we checked out because we assumed these were not washed and reused!


The in-room hotel information system displayed on a TV in our room at the NYX

The room is loaded with useful technology that actually worked!

This includes digitally controlled air conditioning and plug sockets, which offer the additional benefit of USB outlets for charging mobile phones, iPads, etc.

Each socket includes “Type A” USB ports plus the newer “Type C.”

In addition, the TV information system works well and provides QR codes for looking up menus and prices for the hotel’s in-house restaurants and bars on your mobile or tablet.

Also, all the room privacy notifications, light settings, and curtains are controlled electronically; therefore, at the press of a button, you can switch on the “do not disturb” sign and reveal the sea view!

There are no balconies at the NYX Limassol…

It’s important to mention here that none of the rooms at the NYX Limassol offer you a balcony, but we didn’t find that a problem, especially considering the best views are up on the roof (see below)

Our Shower Room

The bathroom at the NYX Hotel Limassol

The bathroom (shower room) is also spacious and spotlessly clean. 

There isn’t a bath, but it has a large walking shower and everything you need, including a shaving mirror, vanity kits, shower caps, soap, body lotion, shower gel and more than enough fresh fluffy towels.

Toiletries at the NYX Hotel Limassol.

A “minor grumble” is that we were disappointed with the quality of the various lotions, potions, shampoo and shower gel.

NYX could make improvements here and perhaps take guidance from brands such as MALMAISON HOTELS in the UK.

Malmaison offers similar-style hotels at a similar price point but provides AMAZING and UNIQUE bathroom products that will make you want to return again and again!

The rooftop pool at the NYX

The NYX Limassol Rooftop pool at Sunset during our stay.

As lovely as our room was, the star attraction at the NYX is up on the roof, where you’ll find amazing views of Limassol and the rooftop bar/cafe and pool!

The swimming pool isn’t huge and it’s easy to see that getting a sun lounger could be tricky at times, but still, rooftop pools in Limassol are few and far between, and there are not many hotels that can offer sunset views like this…

Breakfast at the NYX Limassol

One small section of the huge breakfast buffet at the NYX

If you have not watched our video above and you love a good hotel breakfast, scroll back up and watch now!

The selection was so huge that we thought it was a special breakfast created because it was Marathon weekend, but a few staff members assured us that this wasn’t the case.

It also helps that everything we tried tasted fabulous!

Members of the Share Cyprus team are “well-travelled” and have been lucky enough to stay at amazing hotels around the world so, with that clarified, we can state here that in our opinion, the NYX Limassol Breakfast Buffet is one of the best breakfast buffets we have ever seen and tasted! 

Dinner at the NYX Hotel Limassol.

A picture taken by our drone of the rooftop restaurant at the NYX Hotel Limassol

There are several dining options at the NYX Limassol, but as mentioned above, we wanted to try the Asian Restaurant at night. 

The restaurant isn’t open very late and we arrived for one of the last reservation slots at 10 p.m. 

It was relatively quiet, but we believe this is because many hotel guests planned to run the marathon the following day and decided to stock up on pasta and get an early night!

The service, cocktails and food are excellent, as are the night-time views across Limassol.

Asian food we were served in the rooftop restaurant at the NYX

It was a little strange that guests could not sit by the pool before or after dinner but the hotel must have their reasons for this! 

Our only other observations are that because this space doubles up as the poolside cafe during the day, it felt like something other than a top-class restaurant. It’s also worth noting that the hotel is so well located; there are many excellent bars and restaurants within walking distance, so this place has a lot of competition!

NYX Cocktails

The Gym and Spa

The NYX Gym - Limassol, Cyprus.

The NYX website claims the gym in Limassol is “state of the art.” The truth is, it’s “functional” and certainly not a selling point for the hotel.

Away from the marketing spiel, the gym has enough equipment for a reasonable workout, but the room feels smaller than our hotel room, and it’s obvious that if more than a couple of people want to work out simultaneously, it will be very cosy in there!

However, a plus point is that it is open 24 hours daily.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to visit the SPA, so we can’t advise you about this part of the hotel. However, according to the NYX Limassol website…

“Luxury at NYX Limassol means you have exclusive access to the exquisite PHE Spa by Aegeo Spas. Our menu of services stands as a testament to our extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as our unwavering commitment to preserving the traditions of Cyprus. Take the time to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with our wide range of services, including indulgent spa treatments, invigorating sauna and steam room”.

“Location, Location”

The NYX Hotel Limassol’s location is AMAZING if you want to enjoy what we call the “sexiest city in Cyprus.” 

It is directly opposite the Molos pier, which, for many, is the very heart of Limassol.

Just behind the hotel is Limassol’s old town area and you can easily walk to the Medieval Castle, which is surrounded by restaurants and bars, or the Old Port and Marina, which also offer endless places to eat, drink, and have fun.

Check-In/Check-Out Times

Check-in from 3 pm – Check-out by midday.

Our conclusion?

No hotel is perfect, but based on our experience during our Secret Stay and taking into account the price point, the NYX Hotel Limassol comes pretty close if you want to be in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus.

Without question, as you will see in our video above, other than a few minor grumbles, we LOVED our stay at the NYX and we believe you will too. 

During our stay, the hotel welcomed guests of all ages and, in our opinion, the NYX Hotel in Limassol is popular because it looks great, isn’t boring or homogenised, enjoys an amazing location and, most importantly, the hotel is fairly priced. 

We love that the NYX is refreshingly different when it comes to customer communication before and during your stay, Don’t be surprised to get several messages on WhatsApp or Telegram, which, in our opinion, is better than them sticking a note under your door! 

For example, we received this on WhatsApp just after check-in…

“Hi. Welcome to NYX Limassol.

We hope your stay is off to a good start and that it will be a memorable and enjoyable one.

Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us at (address given for the hotel’s WhatsApp Chat Group). 

Thank you,

The NYX Limassol team.

We like this a lot! 

In addition, we genuinely enjoyed spending time in the lobby, looking at numerous interior design pieces and soaking up the atmosphere. 

We were particularly fond of their black panthers (or pumas) guarding the hotel’s entrance 24/7 (don’t worry, they are not real!).

It also helps that this hotel smells amazing! 

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Under no circumstances will using these links affect the price you are quoted or pay for your hotel. 

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or want to share your experience of this property, please get in touch with us.

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