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Dimco lighting and electrical Nicosia Cyprus

Dimco Lighting and Electrical Cyprus

Dimco lighting and electrical Nicosia Cyprus

Established in 1966, Dimco is considered one of the leading suppliers of electrical lighting in Nicosia.

Dimco also has outlets across Cyprus.

They offer a wide variety of technical, decorative and architectural lighting products and expert knowledge and guidance no matter how large or small your project is.

Our main reasons for sharing Dimco lighting and electrical Nicosia.

Reasons for sharing Dimco

1. Wonderful and reliable high-quality products with expert guidance from the staff.

2. From purchasing just one light bulb through to lighting and other electrical requirements for a home, office or shop refurbishment to complete architectural lighting design.

3. Value for money.

4. Dimco has been around for a very long time. It was founded in Cyprus on June 7, 1966. They have stood the test of time!

Please share your experience with us!

If you visit or purchase from Dimco, please let us know your thoughts. Our contact details are here (opens a new tab or window).

Additional Information.

The company stocks products from leading worldwide brands and has its own product range.

In particular, their own brand of light fittings and light bulbs are excellent. We particularly love their warm LED lighting range, which offers a warm and cosy environment.

In addition to their consumer stores, they also operate DIMCO WIRE (providing electrical products to professional electricians across Cyprus) and DIMCO LEVEL, specialising in large-scale architectural lighting projects.

This demonstrates DIMCO’s well-deserved reputation as a first choice regarding lighting and electrical products and why we are happy to share and recommend Dimco here on Share Cyprus.

Dimco lighting and electrical Nicosia Cyprus. Phone number & website

+357 7777 60 69

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