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FlexCar car and van leasing in Nicosia, Cyprus.

FlexCar car and van leasing - Nissan Juke

FlexCar car and van leasing in Nicosia

We are delighted to share FlexCar, a highly professional long-term car and van hire/leasing company based in Nicosia (with vehicles available for lease throughout Cyprus). 

We love that FlexCar offers private individuals and companies genuine flexibility and also makes the entire process as simple as possible.

And leasing with FlexCar is hassle-free because each car or van comes taxed and fully insured (multiple named drivers are allowed). Breakdown coverage and other benefits are also included, so in reality, you only need to add the petrol!

How does car and van leasing work with Flexcar?

1. First, choose which new or low-mileage car, SUV, or van suits your needs and monthly budget. Flexcar offers a vast range of brilliant options, which are featured on their website (link below). 

2. Express interest in a car or van and confirm all the details with FlexCar.

3. Next, you’ll provide all the required documentation and pay your “Flex Deposit” plus the first monthly lease payment in advance. The flex deposit typically amounts to two months’ rental. 

4. Once all of the formalities are taken care of, which is usually a very quick and painless process, arrangements will be made for you to take delivery of your new vehicle.  

5. When your car needs to be serviced, you can relax because the monthly rental fee covers all the servicing costs too, but you will be required to deliver your car or van to a designated service point.

6. Besides that, all you need to do is put in the petrol, keep the car in good condition and enjoy driving!

Here's the flexible bit!

You can return your car any time by giving 20 days’ notice. This means you are not tied into any long-term commitment. If you want to change your vehicle, that’s ok too, subject to availability and agreeing terms with FlexCar. This means the only financial penalty for returning any vehicle before the agreed leasing period ends (usually two years) is the loss of the Flex Deposit. 

Alternatively, there is also great flexibility for long-term FlexCar customers. This includes the opportunity to change your car every two years or to purchase your vehicle.

Guide Prices

Small cars start from €335 per month (ex. VAT), and vans start from €545 (ex. VAT). Electric and hybrid vehicles are also available.

As mentioned above, the only upfront payment is the “Flex Deposit” which is usually two months of the rental price in advance and refundable after two years.

Prices are correct as of August 2023, but please check with FlexCar for the latest prices. 

Our main reasons for sharing FlexCar car and van leasing Nicosia

Share Cyprus Nissan Juke for Flexcar

We highly recommend FlexCar because they delivered on their promises. We know first-hand because, in May 2022, we leased a Nissan Juke from FlexCar.

The car we received was the exact model and colour we agreed upon, and the vehicle was brand new. We collected our car from the main Nissan dealership in Nicosia and continue to lease from FlexCar today.

It’s worth mentioning that we needed a second key, which incurred an additional charge.

Additionally, the car’s battery consistently lost its charge after around three months. Due to this, we needed to use the free breakdown service on more than one occasion to get the car started (which, out of interest, was very efficient).

It turned out that the battery was faulty, but FlexCar and Nissan resolved the problem at no cost to us. We visited the Nissan service centre, and a new battery was fitted in about 20 minutes. Since then, everything has been perfect!

Other reasons for sharing are that FlexCar is a reputable company (operating in Greece and Cyprus). In addition, their website is correctly translated into English and contains an excellent FAQ section (link below). 

In summary, the entire team at Flexcar is professional, helpful and will make leasing as quick and easy as possible.

Additional Information

Due to the rules in Cyprus, your FlexCar will arrive with red plates (these are mandatory on all leased and hired vehicles). 

This was a little frustrating for us at the start; however, if you are ever lost or looking for parking, the red plates are a godsend, as other drivers are more patient with you (yes, they think you might be a tourist!).

You should also know that you cannot drive any FlexCar in Northern Cyprus (even if you offer to pay the extra insurance), and to do so is considered a material breach of your lease agreement.

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