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GRID gym is below the MAP Hotel in Nicosia. This is a small but wonderful gym offering a great place to work out any time of day.


About Grid Gym Nicosia

The GRID Gym is located inside the MAP Hotel in Central Nicosia.

Guide Prices

At the time of writing (July 2023), GRID Gym offers two membership packages:

€420 (6-month membership) 

€720 (12-month membership).

Personal training is extra and charged per session.

Reasons for sharing Grid Gym Nicosia

The GRID gym is a small but beautiful and calm gym for “normal” people looking to maintain a good fitness level at a reasonable price.

The gym plays good music, but it’s not pounding (so you can comfortably listen to music on your earphones). In addition, each running machine has a large flat-screen TV with access to multiple channels (local and international) and YouTube.

The GRID gym is clean and provides super-private changing rooms/shower facilities. They also provide high-quality “hotel fresh” fluffy towels, bottled and filtered water and shampoo/conditioner in the showers and a hairdryer too. Therefore, all you need is your gym kit, and you are ready to go!

Worth knowing…

The opening times are convenient (early morning until 9 pm), seven days a week and the gym never feels overcrowded.

The GRID is also open on most bank holidays (with some exceptions). 

Excellent personal trainers are available, but if you are happier working alone, that’s ok too!

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Click here to discover more about the GRID GYM at the MAP Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Contact Grid Gym Nicosia.

+357 22 444 999

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