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ICON in Limassol Cyprus – Five-star luxury holiday apartments.

  • The Icon in Limassol, Cyprus, is a multimillion-euro development offering five-star luxury holiday apartments with AMAZING views of Limassol and the Mediterranean Sea.

  • The ICON Limassol is also home to a gym on the 11th floor and a bar/restaurant called “La Caleta”.

  • We booked a “secret stay” to see what staying in one of these luxury apartments feels like.

Share Cyprus Secret Stays: The Icon, Limassol, Cyprus

Share Cyprus present: Our "secret stay" at The Icon in Limassol - August 2023

Just so you know, when we undertake a “Share Cyprus Secret Stay”, it means… 

1) The owner(s) do not know we are visiting.

2) That we paid the going rate for our stay and booked in a personal name, not as Share Cyprus.

3) As a result, our videos, photos and reviews are 100% independent and unbiased. 

Enjoy the video!

More info and booking at the ICON in Limassol

Our helpful and impartial review of the Icon in Limassol, Cyprus

Our Review of The Icon – Limassol

Our stay was for one night (Sunday, 13th of August to Monday, 14th of August 2023).

We made a last-minute booking via for a superior 1-bed apartment. 

As far as we know, all available apartments have a sea view except the 3-bed garden apartment.

The rate for our one-night stay was €261.00, including taxes. 

This fee also included parking for one car. Please note a “genius level 2” discount was applied by on the account we used to make our “secret” reservations.

Customer service

On booking the accommodation, we got a message from the Icon letting us know that our check-in time of 3 pm was arranged. 

We were also informed that the Gym would be closed from the 13th to the 16th of August due to the Cyprus bank holiday on the 15th of August. 

We were not surprised by this because the 15th of August each year is one of the biggest bank holidays here in Cyprus, but we were pleased to have been informed in advance. 

On arrival in Limassol (by car), we needed help finding the Icon car park as we couldn’t locate it via Google Maps, so we telephoned the property. 

The phone was answered promptly, and the representative spoke perfect English and was helpful. 

He explained that we should head for the back of the property, enter the underground public parking, and take a ticket. He also explained that there would be no charge, and after checking in, our room key would allow us to come and go as often as we pleased.

Having parked, we took a lift to the lobby, which is luxurious and feels like a hotel reception area. 

On arrival, we were greeted by warm and friendly staff who arranged a quick check-in, and then we were shown to our apartment on the 16th floor.

Inside the apartment, it was explained that we had full control of the air conditioning, fresh air ventilation and underfloor heating. 

Considering it was almost 40 degrees outside, we all agreed that we wouldn’t need the underfloor heating, but it’s useful to know it’s there should you decide to stay at other times of the year.

It’s worth noting that there are three separate lifts at the Icon. 

One is for the apartments, the second is for the restaurant and gym, and the third is for the car park. 

This means security is good. You don’t have people going to the restaurant or gym using the same lifts as people living and staying at the ICON.

Security is also enhanced by the presence of staff 24 hours a day and because you need to use your room key to activate the elevator for the apartments as well as the apartment door.

Our apartment at The Icon

As soon as we opened the door, we noticed three things. 

1. The first was that the apartment we had been assigned looked exactly as the picture on the website. 

2. The second was how bright and spacious the apartment felt.

3. The views out of the windows. Arriving just after 3 pm, all we could see was the SEA!

Before touching anything, we set about making the video above and a few pictures, including the one above, after we had finished filming and as it started to get dark.

Therefore, our video directly represents how the apartment was presented to us on arrival. 

Remember, the property did not know that we were from Share Cyprus or that we would be filming or taking photos, and this is exactly how we like it!

In summary, due to all the above, we are very happy to share and recommend the ICON.

Location information for Icon in Limassol Cyprus - Five-star luxury holiday apartments.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or want to share your experience of this property, please get in touch with us.

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