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Limassol Nightlife

Limassol nightlife is amazing. Without a doubt, it’s the sexiest city in Cyprus.

The choice of fabulous, world-class bars and restaurants is almost endless, and keep in mind that Limassol is the fastest-growing city in Cyprus, therefore, exciting new nighttime venues are appearing regularly.

Share Cyprus present: A little taste of Limassol Nightlife - August 2023

As you can see from our video, a wide range of restaurants and bars are located throughout the city centre. Our video only scratches the surface!

Regarding bars, some play current hits mainly from the UK and America, while others play current or traditional Cypriot and Greek music.

Although people tend to go out late (around 9 pm for dinner), Limassol is not a 24-hour city. Even at the weekend, most restaurants will close between 10.30 pm and 11.30 pm.

Closing time for pubs and bars varies, but on average, this is between 12.30 and 2 am (with some exceptions).

Please note, in Cyprus, the legal age for purchasing alcohol is 17. Some bars and clubs restrict entry to those over 21.

All information below is correct as of the 12th of August 2023.

Links to a selection of places featured in our video

Here are some fabulous places featured in our “Limassol Nightlife” video above. Click any picture. 

Please note: pictures open external websites in a new tab or window.

Restaurants and Bars

Limassol Nightlife - La Caleta at The Icon
La Caleta at the ICON - Limassol
Limassol Nightlife -Columbia Beach
Columbia Beach - Limassol
Nightlife in Limassol - Jamie Oliver Kitchen
Jamie Oliver Kitchen - Limassol
Nightlife In Limassol - Marina Roof Bar
Marina Roof Bar - Limassol
Bar Du Soleil - Limassol
Bar Du Soleil - Old Port - Limassol Marina
Karatello Tavern - Castle Square - Limassol
Karatello Tavern - Castle Square - Limassol
Bar Du Soleil - Limassol
Bar Du Soleil - Old Port - Limassol Marina
Lithos Concept Bar -Castle Square - Limassol
Lithos Concept Bar - Castle Square - Limassol

Coffee and desserts.

Alice Coffee and Deserts - Castle Square - Limassol
Alice Coffee & Deserts - Castle Square - Limassol
Haagen Dazs Ice cream - Limassol Marina
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream - Limassol

Also in Limassol...

The City Of Dreams is now Europe’s largest casino and resort. COD opened to the public on the 10th of July, 2023.

see more details here. 

We decided to book a “secret stay” at the ICON in Limassol. See the full story here.

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