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Direct flights from Cyprus to NICE, France with Cyprus Airways

  • In December 2023, Cyprus Airways launched direct flights from Cyprus to NICE in the south of France (full details below). 

  • We were on board the inaugural flight from Larnaca International Airport on the 12th of December, 2023 and made a short video of our experience (see below).

  • We also spent time in NICE and Monte Carlo and created 2 videos to show you what we got up to!

FEATURED VIDEO: Direct flights from Larnaca, Cyprus to Nice, France, with Cyprus Airways

Come with us on the inaugural Cyprus Airways flight from Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus to NICE International Airport in the South of France.


On arrival in Nice, we headed straight into town with our colleagues at ShareRiviera, and we’d love you to join us (via the video directly below).


Flying to Nice also made visiting the amazing Monte Carlo (Monaco) extremely easy. We took a train from Nice (less than one hour) and made the following video.

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Direct flights from Cyprus to Nice France - More Info

More info about direct flights from Cyprus to Nice, France with Cyprus Airways.

Cyprus Airways Air hostess serving on the first direct flight from Larnaca Cyprus to Nice France (Cyprus Airways)
Cyprus Airways air hostess serving on the first direct flight from Larnaca Cyprus to Nice France (Picture:

Our flight times to Nice, France from Cyprus and back

We departed just after 7 am from Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus and landed at 10 am local time in Nice, France. The flight time to NICE was 4 hours.

We were impressed by the service and comfort offered by Cyprus Airways, as you can see from our video above, and also because both legs of the journey were on time.

Although we were tired after waking up at 4.00 am, the outbound flight arrived at 10 am. This early start allowed us to enjoy most of Tuesday in NICE and spend Wednesday in Monte Carlo (we travelled there by train). 

In addition, we also had almost a full day on Thursday to enjoy more of what Nice has to offer. That’s because we didn’t need to be at the airport until around 4.40 pm. It also helps that getting to the airport from the Nice centre only takes 30 to 45 minutes. 

Due to this, we saw and did a lot quickly. 

The return flight was just 3 hours and departed on time at 18.40 local time, which therefore delivered us back to Larnaca earlier than scheduled, just before 11 pm local time here in Cyprus. It’s also worth noting that NICE airport is small and quick to navigate. No 5km hikes to any of the gates!

Flight Schedule

When writing this article (23rd December 2023), direct flights from Cyprus to Nice are scheduled to depart twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the festive season and may be relaunched again later in 2024. We hope this route does return, especially next Christmas!

Please check with Cyprus Airways for the latest schedules.

Ticket Prices

As you can see from our documentation above, our reporter flew economy (return). 

Since he only went for two nights, he opted for hand luggage only, which, on Cyprus Airways, is a decent size (55X40x20 and up to 10kg ). Plus, he had the option to take a second small cabin bag (35x20x20 up to 5kg) at no extra charge. 

The price of the return flight was €172.00, plus taxes of €86.25, bringing the total cost to €258.25. 

Considering the distance travelled, we feel this was reasonable.

On board Menu

During the flight, passengers were offered a free coffee just after take-off, which also arrived with a small snack.

Outside of this, there was a small but acceptable on-board menu (sandwiches, snacks, drinks, etc.), although some items (mainly the salads) were only available as a pre-order, which could be done when checking in online.

Direct Flights from Cyprus to Nice, France: Useful to know!

We checked in online and printed our own boarding passes, but because it was quiet, we went to the check-in desk both at Larnaca and Nice airports. On both occasions, Cyprus Airways reprinted our boarding card (we don’t know why!).

We could pre-book seats for both legs of the journey for a small extra charge.

Mobile and tablet charging points.

Every seat on the plane we travelled on had very useful charging points (USB A and C TYPE), but we had to provide our own cables and could not charge during take-off and landing.

Mobile Phone Coverage in France

We are pleased to report that while in France, our network (epic) worked perfectly with no additional charges. 

We didn’t inform epic that we were travelling to France, but again, this requirement may depend on your mobile phone network or the plan you have signed up for. 

Our phones also worked in Monaco, but data roaming charges applied since Monaco is not in the European Union.  

The charges for this appeared excessive, and at the time of writing, we are waiting to see exactly what these were, but in general, we advise checking the details with your provider or switching off data roaming in Monaco! 

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