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Ed Sheeran Tickets Cyprus

  • Ed Sheeran will play two amazing live concerts in Cyprus in September 2024 as part of his Mathematics World Tour.

  • We’ve got all the information you need about Ed Sheeran Tickets for Cyprus 2024 and hotel availability in Larnaca for the concert weekend.

Ed Sheeran Cyprus 2024 Concert & Ticket Details.


Larnaca Marina


Saturday 7th September, 2024 and Sunday 8th September, 2024


Arena Standing: €115 + 10% booking fee

Terrace Standing: €145 + 10% booking fee

Grandstand Seated: €180 + 10% booking fee


Official tickets for Ed Sheeran in Larnaca, Cyprus are only available from Ticketmaster Cyprus(the link below opens a new window or tab).

**IMPORTANT **– You must provide the full name and ID number for each ticket you buy! There is strict security around tickets for this event (see our FAQ section below for more info).


[Link above takes you Ticketmaster Cyprus in new tab or window]

Hotels in Larnaca 7th to 9th September 2024

Find the best hotels in Larnaca with Share Cyprus

Hotels for Ed Sheeran Concert Weekend in Larnaca – Limited Availability

It may come as no surprise that hotel rooms are selling out quickly in Larnaca for the 7th and 8th of September 2024. 

If you are looking to stay in Larnaca this weekend, book as soon as possible and you can find any remaining hotel rooms using our link below.

*The link opens a new window/tab or the app on your mobile.

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Ed Sheeran Tickets Cyprus 2024

Here’s a little taste of what to expect from Ed Sheeran in Cyprus…

Ed Sheeran Tickets - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy tickets?

The Promoters of Ed Sheeran are committed to combating unethical secondary ticketing and resale. For the 2024 tour they will  be operating “nominal tickets” and valid tickets will ONLY be sold via Ticketmaster Cyprus.

Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 6 per account.

All tickets are personal. As such, you will need to enter the full name and ID Number of each ticket holder to have a successful order. ID can be a passport, ID card or driving licence.

All sales are final. 

No changes or cancellations can be made, and no name change on a ticket after the order is completed is permitted.

In preparation for on sales, we recommend you create an account on our approved outlets at or update your existing account with all the mandatory fields.

Once the tickets have been purchased, you will receive an email confirmation within the same day as proof of purchase.

This is NOT your ticket(s). You will receive instructions on how to access your ticket(s) on a later time, much nearer to the shows.

Where should I buy my ‘’face value’’ tickets from?

All official ticket agent websites will be listed on tour advertising and at

The official and exclusive ticketing provider for Cyprus is

When will tickets go on sale?

10 am Cyprus time on Friday, 10th November 2023

How much are the ‘’face value’’ tickets?

Arena Standing 115€ 

Terrace Standing 145€

Grandstand Seated 180€.

All tickets are subject to a 10% booking fee.

How many tickets can I buy?

There will be a strict limit of 6 tickets per show date per customer.

This restriction is in place in order to give as many people as possible a fair chance to buy tickets.

PLEASE NOTE that all transactions detected as bot purchases, patrons creating duplicate accounts to purchase more than the ticket limit or any action that indicates a suspicious purchase in excess of the ticket limit will be cancelled.

What are the entry requirements?

To access the concert, you must bring your ticket with a clear and undamaged barcode visible. You may be required to produce your email booking confirmation and a valid form of photo ID that matches the name on the confirmation.

Accepted forms of photo ID are an identity Card, a current driver’s licence (including provisional licence) or a current or recently expired passport (provided the picture is a good resemblance of the holder).

What are the minimum age restrictions?

Ticket holders must be 12+ in the Arena Standing areas and 5+ in the Grandstand seating area.

All details courtesy of

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