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Christmas in Cyprus

About Christmas in Cyprus.

Christmas in Cyprus is always a lovely time of year. It is often warm and sunny during the day; for example, last year, temperatures in most places were around 20 degrees across the Christmas holidays.

However, it gets dark early, around 4 pm, and the much longer and chiller nights offer the perfect excuse to wear some “proper” clothes and head out to capture that “Christmas feeling”.

All towns and cities make an effort with Christmas decorations, and there are a good number of seasonal events such as the Christmas Fun Fairs in Nicosia and Larnaca, wonderful Christmas Parades traditional Christmas Villages in the Troodos region, and even the sight of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck touring the Island.

In addition, many hotels make a huge effort with their Christmas decorations and festive programs.

See our video highlights below!

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Featured Video: Christmas Day in Cyprus

Come with us to Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol on Christmas Day to see what to expect at Christmas here in Cyprus.

Featured Video: The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

Enjoy seeing the Coca-Cola Truck and Santa Claus on their first outing of the year in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Featured Video: Nicosia Christmas Parade 2023

Enjoy highlights of the wonderful Christmas Parade in Nicosia (16th Dec 2023).

The famous Parko Paliatso Luna Park travels from Ayia Napa to Nicosia every Christmas, get a taste of what to expect from our video above and Click here to learn more

Featured Video: Cyprus Christmas Villages

From late November to early January each year, head into the mountain villages to capture the spirit of Christmas. It’s not quite Austria or Germany, but it’s 10 out of 10 for effort.

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