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Share Cyprus growing fast on YouTube

100,000 views on YouTube (so far)…

Share Cyprus is growing fast on YouTube.

On the 22nd of February 2024, we received confirmation that our YouTube Channel had exceeded 100,000 video views.

We’re here to share the best of Cyprus on YouTube…

Considering we are at such an early stage, we are genuinely surprised to have been able to “Share Cyprus” with so many people so quickly.

In fact, we only began creating content and uploading videos around six months ago, and we are taking time to experiment with different types of videos and topics. 

Our mission is to create and publish helpful, accurate and up-to-date information and features about life in Cyprus for visitors and residents. 

All of our features and videos are in English and written by real humans, not AI.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, it’s FREE!

if you like seeing interesting and up-to-date videos about Cyprus, then subscribe to our YouTube channel free of charge (details below).

This way, you’ll always know when we upload new videos about Cyprus and help us make many more helpful videos over the coming months and years.

How to subscribe to the Share Cyprus YouTube Channel…

If you already have a login on YouTube or use the YouTube app on your mobile device, this is super easy. 
Click here to go to our YouTube channel and a window should appear on your screen confirming that you’d like to “subscribe”. 
If it doesn’t, you can still just find the “subscribe” button on the screen, click it, and you’re done (you can unsubscribe at any time). 
If you don’t have a YouTube account, click here to go to the YouTube Homepage and look for the “Sign In” button (normally in the top right-hand corner). When you click this, below the sign-in box, you can click to create a YouTube account.

Popular videos on the Share Cyprus YouTube Channel…

Here are some of our most popular videos on YouTube…

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